Mail Away Closings with Notary Services

Action Title Services Makes Mail Away Closings Easy

Sometimes circumstances prevent you from being able to be present during a real estate closing. Thankfully, this day and age provides flexibility so that Action Title Services can help you meet your real estate needs quickly, properly, and efficiently.

We send closing documents to your out-of-town address and even provide national notary services capable of coming to you, saving you the time and hassle of having to do it all yourself.

Why Choose Action Title Services

Action Title Services has 30 years of experience in title insurance, closings, and consistent client satisfaction. We are meticulous in our services, friendly in our approach, and highly protective of your assets and security.

Action Title Services has passed several intensive due diligence screenings, including:

  • Third party review and certification of practices by Habif, Arogeti & Wynne LLP, CPA (Atlanta, GA)
  • Network and systems vulnerability and defense assessment and certification by Security Compliance Associates (Clearwater, FL)
  • Deloitte, LLP periodic audits
  • Employee and Owner background and credit reports every three years
  • Licensing and continuing education verifications

We also offer continuing consumer protection and security to our customers, such as:

  • Daily in-house and third party hosted escrow account reconciliation
  • Daily third party IT systems and network monitoring
  • Daily offsite data backup
  • Escrow Security Bond issued by Lloyds of London
  • Cyber Liability Insurance issued by Lloyds of London
  • Privacy and Data Breach Insurance issued by Lloyds of London

Ready to Get Started with Your Mail Away Closing?

Let Action Title Services make your real estate closing a smooth process. Call our office at 239-262-2200 or submit your inquiry through our online contact form. One of our friendly professionals will follow-up to discuss your needs.

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